Welcome: free range meat from the fields of Wales

Perched high on a Welsh hilltop is Minfield farm. Our animals love it; with sweeping views over the beacons, oodles of fresh air and fresh green pastures who can blame them. They’re free to roam as they please, stopping every now and then for a lie down, mud bath or to stare at the scenery.

All our animals are rare traditional breeds: Pedigree Gloucester Old Spot, Oxford Sandy & Black, Pedigree Welsh Pigs, Dexter Cattle and Black Welsh Mountain Sheep. By eating our meat, you’re helping to preserve a diversity of breeds. And of course, enjoying a mouth-watering, succulent and tasty flavour. Our sausages are award winning too!

We sell at various farmers’ markets and events around Wales throughout the year or contact us to order your meat box. We deliver for free in Hereford, Abergavenny, Merthyr and Builth areas.

Look forward to meeting you soon!

Sue Cooke

‘Met you at the Brecon market – superb Dexter topside. I’ll try the pork next please!’

Beth and Andy